What Type of Paint to Use for Projector Screen

What Type of Paint to Use for Projector Screen | Best Guide in 2022

Projectors are the most useful gadgets for comfortable and broad vision to have fun on the big screen. When we are buying a projector, mostly you check its resolution, brightness, and aspect and contrast ratios.

Apart from the features of the projector, the surface of the projector screen matters a lot.

If the screen of the projector is rough then how can you watch clear pictures on the screen? Therefore, many paints are available in the market for the smooth performance of the screen. In this manner, you should know what type of paint to use for projector screen.

What Type of Paint to Use for Projector Screen

Let’s read this article for in-depth information.

Premier Coating 

Most people use projectors to attain enlarged images on the screen along with accurate brightness. For this purpose, the distance of the projector from the wall and the structure of the wall matter.

For making the screen smooth, you need to coat white premier on the wall. This pigmented coating will provide you with the vibrant and precise quality of the images on the screen.

After coating this premier on the projector wall screen, now it’s up to you which shade you choose for painting the wall.

Color for the Projector Screen

Are you done with the coating of the white premier on the projector’s screen? In the next step, you have to apply a suitable shade of paint to renew the screen of your projector. There are three shades that you can apply on the screen; those are white, silver, or grey.

The shade of the paint depends on the brightness of the projector and the light present in the room.

If your projector is bolting with the output brightness of 3500 lumens or more then you should go for the grey shade for better results.

But if you are having a projector that has an output of fewer than 3500 lumens brightness then, white is the accurate choice for painting the projection screen. As a result of which your picture’s result will be incredible and vibrant.

Grey VS White Shades

After selecting the one shade, now it can be more confusing when you are having different shades of one color. There are light and dark shades of grey color available in the market.

If you have the outdoor projector for daytime use then, it would be beneficial to use it for day and night time conveniently with a suitably painted screen. It is better to cope with the ambient light coming from the windows or bulbs of the room. While painting the wall, this ambient light is also notable.

Light shades of grey are comparatively better than dark shades. Because the pictures formed on the dark screens are not clear. But if you are painting white color on your screen then it will reflect more light for more precise colors.

For those viewers, who are fond of watching 3D movies, white paint is preferable for showing exclusive images on the screen without any tint.

How to Paint the Screen

Let’s check out the step-by-step process to paint the projector screen. Below, I am going to provide you with the whole process so that it would be easy for the next time for DIY painting.

#1.  First, you have to clear the surface of the wall that you are going to use as the projector screen. If the color of the projector light and wall color differ then, you need to apply the white pigmented premier on the wall.

#2.  In the next, you will mark the area that is going to be covered with the projection. For this purpose, you will switch off all the lights in your room and switch on the projector. It will make it easy to mark the projector screen area conveniently.

#3.  For checking out the accuracy of the marking, you will tape the marking with the assistance of masking tape.

#4.  Now it’s time to start painting the screen with your selected paint for example Sherwin Williams projector screen paint or any other. Before painting the screen, you must check if the premier is completely dried or not. Also, there should be no lumps of paint in the mixture that you are going to apply on the screen.

#5.  You will use a roller or spray gun for painting the screen smoothly. There should be 2 to 3 coatings of the paint for precise results on the screen. Mostly, the spray gun is comparatively better than the roller.

#6.  After finishing the painting, now remove the side tapes. You can apply colorful tapes for showing the borders of the screen.

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Different Recommendations

There are different recommendations to paint the projector screen. The people who have used different paints told others about them as the best silver screen paint for projector or many others according to their experience.

I have found some paints that I thought would be best for the home theatre screen. Scroll down to attain information about them.

1: Projector Screen Paint – High Definition | 4K

If you are having the 4K projector, its screen must be outstanding for showing remarkable images. For making your projector screen precise for showing vibrant images, this Projector Screen paint is the best selection along with its quality features.

It is bolted with the features mentioned below.

  • It is the exclusive paint for ultra-white screens.
  • This paint can provide you with a high contrast ratio.
  • With this 1-gallon paint, you can apply 2 coats on your whole screen
  • It is easy to use with a roller or spray gun.
  • It enhances the white color to 50% than the previous white color of the wall.
  • This screen pain is bolting with less smell and fewer VOCs for convenient use.
  • It applies to all screens that you use in your offices, homes, or institutions.

2: Ultra HD Premium Screen Paint (Gallon)

Next on the list is another top-notch paint like projector screen paint Dulux. Along with other classic features, it can provide you with vivid results of both HD images and 4K videos. Let’s move forward to know more about this product.

  • This is the premium selection for attaining superb results in white light.
  • With its one gallon, you paint your screen with 2 coats.
  • You can paint your screen with the assistance of a spray gun or roller both
  • 50% bright screen than the average white color of the wall
  • This is Acrylic latex paint that you can apply and remove conveniently.
  • Best to use for creating an anti-glare effect on the screen.

From the above-mentioned recommendations, both are supreme for their service. Projector Screen Paint is best with its less smell and a bit less price for providing ultra-white screens.

On the flip side, Ultra HD paint is a bit more pricey than the first one but can serve as the anti-glare paint and is washable.


If you can paint the projector screen with DIY then it would save your money instead of calling a painter. According to the above-mentioned procedure, you can know what type of paint to use for the projector screen.

If you have gained proper information about the topic through this article then, please mention your feedback below. Thank you!

FAQ’s About What Type of Paint to Use for Projector Screen

Can I use white paint for the projector screen?

Yes, you can use white paint for the projector screen but it should not be ordinary paint. You need to use paint with a smooth finish for accurate reflection of light from the projector screen.

What is special about projector paint?

There are special paints available in the market called projector screen paint. These paints are significant to provide vibrant results on the screen along with accurate brightness, high contrast ratio, light reflection, and saturation.

3: Can I use my wall as a projector screen?

You can use but the walls are painted with ordinary white color that will not reflect light precisely. As a result, you will not get appropriate images on the screen with enough vibrancy. That’s why a projector screen is needed for better images.

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