For magnified images, the use of the projector is useful in homes, offices, and schools. With clear and bright images you can watch your desired data on the screen. For transparent displays, the quality of the projector screen matters a lot.

When you are using a projector, you must know how to operate the projector and how to roll up projector screen after every use.

The spring and tension of the spring are significant for using and rolling the screen conveniently.

How to Roll Up Projector Screen

Let’s dive into details about the projector’s screen.

Process of Rolling Screen

Before and after operating the projector, you must know how to retract the screen of the projector conveniently. For quality performance, you should know what type of paint to use for the projector screen.

Below, I am going to provide you with a procedure on how you can roll the screen step by step. So, let’s begin with it.

1: Before adjusting the projector, the screen of the projector must be clean for showing transparent images.

2: There is a handle below the screen to move the screen up and down. So, you will pull the handle and the screen will start moving down for projection.

3: Pull the handle to the least surface where the image angles are adjusted equally. Then leave the handle and the screen will be locked to your desired surface.

4: When you have finished watching movies then to retract the screen you will pull the handle again.

5: With the assistance of the spring and spring’s tension, the screen will be unlocked and start moving upward.

This is an easy way to roll up the projector’s screen for the next use. If you want to disassemble the screen then you will pack it in a bag to protect it from scratches and tearing.

Different Types of Projectors Screen

There are different types of projectors for bright rooms along with different types of projector screens. Let’s check out if there is a difference while rolling up these screens or not.

Manual Screen: These screens are easy to retract with some tension and spring.

Electric Projector’s Screen: These screens and projectors are convenient to use but somewhat expensive. Their screen is easy to roll with one button push.

Tripod Screen: Before setting this screen, you will set the tripod stand and then adjust the screen on it. You can retract the tripod screen according to your set-up.

Floor-rising Screen: These screens can be both electric and manual. Mostly these screens are comfortable to use due to their lightweight construction. By using the above-mentioned process, you can retract the screen easily.

Fixed Screen: These screens are not foldable, that’s why you have to handle them with care while storing them.

Tips of Rolling Up Projector Screen

Below, I am going to enlist some tips to protect the projector screen from damage. You should follow these tips to enhance the life of your projector screen.

  • The selection of the screen should be best for showing and rolling it up conveniently.
  • After using the screen, don’t assemble the screen quickly. It will have a bad effect if you have finished your presentation.
  • Pull the screen gradually to roll up the screen and don’t give a jerk while folding the screen.
  • Also, you need to keep the projector’s screen clean for showing bright and clear images.


After reading this write-up, I hope you have attained all the information that how to roll up a projector screen. To keep your projector’s screen protected, you have to retract the screen carefully. Different projectors are bolting with different screens that’s why you should roll them accordingly.

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How do I roll a projector?

To roll the screen of the projector, you need to pull the screen down from the handle. Then leave the screen gradually to roll upward. If you pull the handle without any reason then it can lose its flexibility.

What makes a good projection screen?

The width ratio of the screen matters a lot to show magnified and clear images of the projectors. Due to the aspect ratio of 16:9, the projection screen can show wide images.

What do I put behind a projection screen?

You can place an additional speaker behind the projector’s screen. For clear volume, the construction fiber of the screen should be perforated for the proper crossing of the sound.

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