Sony VPL-VW325ES VS Sony VPL-VW295ES

Sony VPL-VW325ES VS Sony VPL-VW295ES

Sony has been making home theater projectors since the early 1990s, and they have always been at the forefront of innovation in this area. 

The VW series is one of their more recent additions to the lineup that uses the Silicon X-tal technology, which is a new approach to displaying images on the screen.

The main difference between Sony VPL-VW325ES vs Sony VPL-VW295ES lies in image processing technology. The 295ES uses an older-generation processor whereas the new 325ES model has a much more recent and much more powerful X1 Ultimate projector processor, with a Dynamic HDR enhancer for sharper and much more vivid pictures on screen!

Sony’s VPL line of home theater projectors all uses the company’s advanced Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRD) technology, with picture enhancement like Reality Creation upscaling and dynamic contrast enhancement that results in image quality on par with the top-notch movie theater projectors.

However, Sony has also added several features to the VW325ES that make it a more powerful projector than the VW295ES.

That is why the 325ES is more expensive too!

So let’s compare these two projectors side by side to know which one is the best option for a home-theater device!

Sony VPL-VW325ES VS Sony VPL-VW295ES Quick Comparison

Specifications Sony VPL-VW325ES

  1. Native 4K 4096×2160 resolution 
  2. X1 Ultimate projector processor
  3. Dynamic HDR enhancer
  4. 1500 Lumens brightness
  5. Contrast ratio of 9,000:1 
  6. Throw distance of 12.3′ – 30.5′
  7. 60″ – 300″ screen size
  8. 390W power consumption
  9. Reality Creation

Specifications Sony VPL-VW295ES

  1. Native 4K 4096×2160 resolution
  2. Uses three SXRD imagers
  3. 1500 Lumens brightness
  4. Contrast ratio of 350,000:1
  5. Throw distance of 12.3′ – 30.1′
  6. 60″ – 300.31″ screen size
  7. Around 27ms input lag
  8. 390W power consumption
  9. Reality Creation


The Sony VPL-VW325ES and Sony VPL-VW295ES are both true 4K having the Sony SXDR processor. They also share a similarity in the brightness of 1500 lumens. 

They are both HDR compatible with Native 4K SXRD technology.

Furthermore, they also have similar screen sizes, with a very minute .31 difference is the older 295ES model. The throw range also has a minute difference of .5 inches.

Both of these models don’t have built-in speakers, which is the downside.


As mentioned above, the major difference between these two models is the image processing capability.

The more advanced image processing in the newer 325ES model will give you better, brighter, crisper images with more black depth and detail.

Another key difference lies in the input lag. With the 295ES model, you will get a much lower input lag, which is good news for gamers!

Talking about the contrast ratio, the 325ES is giving you a 9000:1 ratio whereas the older 295ES model is giving you a ratio of 350,000:1. What this means is that the 325ES model will have richer black levels and better overall sharpness and crisper details. You can even enjoy good-quality pictures with the lights on!

All of these features make the 325ES model a bit more expensive, which is another notable difference between the two!

Installation and setup

Most people like to mount their Sony projectors on the ceiling. That is why Sony projectors come with preset front/ceiling mode. Just make sure that you have a source plugged in when you are initially setting things up and turn on that source, otherwise, the menu won’t be visible.

I also suggest that you get a projector mount that allows you to adjust the level from both sides to side and front to back.

Sony VPL-VW325ES

The VW325ES is a true 4K projector and is HDCP 2.2 compatible with a full 18Gbps bandwidth. This projector can be used with screens up to 150 inches. Beyond that, you will need to move up to a brighter projector.

In terms of processing, Sony modified the X1 processor from its top-of-the-line televisions to create the same processor for this projector. This processor is totally cutting edge, and it’s the main thing that differentiates Sony projectors from others in the market!

Cheaper projectors often have very high lumens but terrible processing. So the pictures and the colors don’t look nearly as good.

One of the biggest advantages of the X1 processor for projectors is contrast and light control. As each frame of the video content travels through the X1 processor, it is analyzing every part of that frame to determine which parts contain dark and light levels. 

The Sony Dynamic HDR Enhancer enhances the bright areas and in the dark areas, it pulls down the black levels. It takes an extremely fast processor to do this frame by frame!

What is also really cool is that with this projector, you will have separate settings for HDR and SDR. On many screens, you may not need to use the full light output on SDR but you could use it for HDR. With the dual contrast control engine, the X1, and the advanced Iris, they will work together to give you the best contrast possible!


  1. Upscaling and sharpening images without sharpening picture noise
  2. wider contrast range for improved realism
  3. Separate settings for HDR and SDR
  4. Lower input lag means a faster refresh rate for gamers
  5. HDCP 2.2 compatibility on both 18 Gbps HDMI inputs


  1. Expensive
  2. Not suitable for gamers. High input lag
  3. Not suitable for well-lit rooms and outdoors.

Sony VPL-VW295ES

For just over $3000, Sony is giving you a true 4K projector in the form of the VPL-VW295ES. It also offers 1500 lumens and the lamp provides a life of 6000 hours and is relatively inexpensive to replace when the time comes.

Moving on to video processing features, the 295ES has both MotionFlow and Reality Creation. It dramatically enhances the colors, contrasts, and textures of your non-4K content without creating artifacts.

The 295ES also includes the latest technology for HDR. this new technology makes the colors appear richer and more vivid! To take full advantage of the highest possible HDR, you need a video processor that can display 60 fps and take an incoming speed of 18 gigabytes per second. This feature is included in this entry-level 4K model!

Another new feature is the option to use an external anamorphic lens. You can now do vertical stretch mode with 4K content so that it will work well with 2 x 35 widescreen. This is great for people who may have an older lens.

And finally, for any of you gamers out there, Sony has drastically decreased input lag. 


  1. Cheaper in price
  2. Better input lag for professional gaming
  3. Cinema-level 4K resolution
  4. Can convert any content close to 4K
  5. Smooth on-screen fast-paced action
  6. Powered zoom and powered focus
  7. Comes with a lens cap


  1. Doesn’t have lens memory settings.
  2. The brightness level is not that high for the price point
  3. The colors are not as sharp as with the 325ES model

Final Verdict

The final verdict on Sony vw325es vs vw295es is that both are highly compatible home theater projectors.

However, the 325ES is a much more recent version with enhanced image processing capabilities and richer colors. This means it will obviously be more expensive as well.  

The 295ES version comes with all the features of a good HDR-quality image projector at a much lower price point. It’s especially good for gamers due to the lower input lag.  If you have a 16 x 9 screen up to about 150 inch diagonal and want the best 4K projector you can buy for under 5000 dollars, you should seriously consider the VPL-VW295ES

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sony VW325ES?

The Sony VPL-VW325ES is a home-theater projector that features advanced SXRD technology and delivers native 4K resolution. It has 1500 Lumens brightness, super-resolution Reality Creation, and a Dynamic HDR enhancer. All these features give you incredibly life-like pictures on screen!

How does Sony Motionflow work?

The Sony MotionFlow works by displaying pictures at a higher frame rate than standard, thereby reducing motion artifacts in high-speed pictures such as sports footage, giving you smoother, more natural-feeling motion reproduction.

How much does a Sony VPL 295ES weigh?

The Sony 295ES weighs approximately 31 lb or 14 kg. So it is not ideal for a portable projector that you can take anywhere.

Which is better VW295ES or VW325ES?

If you want a smoother, blur-free action at a lower price, the Sony 295ES model is for you. However, the Sony VW325ES is a much more recent model that has an advanced image processor, giving you better performance at a higher price range.

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