Epson 5050UB VS 6050UB

Epson 5050UB VS 6050UB – Which One Is Better

Today I will discuss Epson 5050UB VS 6050UB Comparison.

As the Epson projectors have long held a reputation for exceeding expectations for a pro-cinema quality experience at home. They have gone above and beyond with each new device to show the viewers what a good quality projector is capable of!

With the launch of their new Epson 6050UB projector, you must be even more confused between their different products, as all of them seem to satisfy your every projector-related qualm.

Well, fear not, because I have done some extensive research to show you exactly how the Epson 6050 is different from Epson 5050, so you can have no problems in making the right purchase to suit your very specific needs. 

The main difference between Epson 6050ub and 5050ub is the contrast ratio. While the Epson 5050 has a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, the Epson 6050 boasts a contrast ratio of 1,200,000:1. This will no doubt result in crisper, clearer, sharper images with more attention to detail.

The other difference is that the Epson 6050UB has a built-in microphone while the Epson 5050ub does not.

Epson 5050UB VS 6050UB Quick Comparison


So let’s talk about the similarities first to get them out of the way quickly. Both these projectors come with a high resolution of 1920×1080 4K w/pixel shifting and a throw distance of 10.3′ – 29.4′. The picture quality is not quite as sharp as true 4K HDR, but it will have plenty of detail for a standard viewer.

Both these projectors give you a brightness of 2600 Lumens, and they can both achieve the P3 color standard. That is a big deal for lamp-based projectors!

Now, the processing speed of a projector is crucial for gaming and both these projectors will give you a full 18 GHz with HDMI

Yes, I have also researched the input lag, which, in simple terms, means how much lag there is between your controller input and what you see on the screen. Gamers especially pay attention to this, and while professional gamers look for something around 16ms, anything below 30ms is perfect for gaming. 

Keeping the gamers in mind, Epson developers have made sure that both these projectors give an input lag of 27ms, which is awesome for a professional gaming experience!


The main difference between the picture quality of the Epson 6050 and 5050 is that the Epson 6050 has a higher contrast ratio of 1,200,000:1. 

This impressively high contrast ratio gives you remarkable black levels and picture depth, with the help of Epson’s Ultra Black technology and the use of a Dynamic Iris lens. The Epson 5050 will give you less depth and detail in darker areas of the screen.

The Epson 6050 also comes with a spare lamp, built-in microphone, ceiling mounting kit, cable cover, and rear dust cover. Talk about value for money! Installing the Epson 6050 will be much easier for beginners, and keeping it clean will be less of a hassle.

Another key difference is the warranty. Epson stands behind its products and for the 6050 model, they are giving a full 3-year warranty, as compared to the 1-year warranty for the 5050 model.

Installation and setup

While both the Epson 5050 and 6050 require a good amount of space, (approx 13 feet for a 100-inch screen), one major advantage of buying the Epson 6050UB is that it comes with a ceiling mount.

This is useful because most people want a ceiling mount for a projector with a longer throw range. Also, it saves a lot of time! 

The ceiling mount for the Epson 6050 is factory manufactured so it will definitely fit like a glove. 

This ease of installation makes the Epson 6050 model ideal for beginners who might not know which mount would be the best for this projector.

Epson 6050UB


  1. 1920×1080 4K resolution with pixel shifting
  2. 2600 Lumens brightness
  3. Contrast ratio of 1,200,000:1
  4. Throw distance of 10.3′ – 29.4′
  5. 2.1x Powered zoom and powered focus lens
  6. 50″ – 300″ screen size
  7. 27ms input lag

If you are looking for a crystal clear picture while watching any movie at your home theater, the Epson 6050 is the best choice for you. While it is obviously on the pricey side, you will get amazing value for money with the extra lamp, built-in microphone, and ceiling mounting kit that it comes with.

The 6050ub does process the HDR10 more precisely and does pixel shifting more efficiently than any other model.  Also, this projector has upgraded its HDMI ports and it accepts the full 18Gbps 4k HDR10 at 60hz. The result is vivid and bright images at every corner of the screen!


  1. Unique S2 pixel shift processor for quickly switching between aspect ratios
  2. The higher contrast ratio for clearer 4K HDR pictures
  3. More depth and detail in darker areas of the screen
  4. A more versatile option
  5. Easy installation with ceiling mount, specifically made for Epson
  6. Rear dust cover and cable cover for easy maintenance 
  7. Built-in mic for easier voice commands


  1. Slightly more expensive
  2. Customers report complaints about the LCD panel durability

Epson 5050UB


  1. 1920×1080 4K resolution with pixel shifting
  2. 2600 Lumens brightness
  3. Contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1
  4. Throw distance of 10.3′ – 29.4′
  5. 2.1x Powered zoom and powered focus lens
  6. 50″ – 300″ screen size
  7. 27ms input lag

From a picture quality perspective, the Epson 5050UB has the same pixel-shifting, 4K HDR resolution, and a 3 LCD design. It can also achieve the same P3 color standard as its competitor.  

The Epson 5050 was the first Epson projector to include 18 GHz support for all inputs. And with the right settings, you can get an even lower input lag! This makes it an ideal projector for gaming!

The lamp will work well in low to ambient light levels, which makes this an ideal choice for media rooms and other multipurpose areas.

For a low price point, this device offers exceptional picture quality which is comparable to the more expensive models.


  1. Lower price range
  2. Lower input lag
  3. Capable of displaying the full three-dimensional P3 color space
  4. Wireless HDMI hub with four inputs
  5. A great choice for living rooms and media rooms


  1. Bigger in size
  2. Lesser contrast ratio
  3. Needs more maintenance 

Final Verdict of Epson 6050ub vs 5050ub

I will recommend the Epson 6050UB for those who have a dedicated home theater and are looking for a pro-cinema experience at home.

And I’ll recommend the Epson 5050 for gamers who are looking for a professional gaming experience at home on widescreen!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Epson 6050UB worth it?

The short answer is: yes! Absolutely! Although this model is a bit in the pricey range, it offers amazing value for money. It comes with a spare lamp, a built-in microphone, and a specifically designed ceiling mounting kit for easy installation.
What’s more, you will get a 3-year warranty in case anything gets damaged, it can be replaced. So your money is definitely protected!

Is the Epson 6050UB a true 4K projector?

Epson 6050 has a pixel shifting of 4.15 million pixels on the screen. That’s still half of the 4K UHD standard of 8.3M. B.
But this difference is relatively slight, especially compared to what advanced image processing can accomplish.
You would hardly notice the difference, as the picture vividness and clarity as well as the depth and blackness of colors will make the images appear as good as a true 4K projector.

Does Epson 5050 have Bluetooth?

No, the Epson 5050UB doesn’t have Bluetooth function for external speakers. You would have to buy an external device to send sounds to Bluetooth speakers.

Does Epson 6050 have 3D?

Yes! The Epson 6050 does have 3D capabilities. It also comes with very affordable 3D glasses.

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