It can be quite difficult to obtain the finest visual experience outside during the day from a projector. This is particularly true when there is a bright day outside. No projector can be operated with bright sun or reflective surfaces from the sun. It’s not reliable enough.


There are a few strategies and tactics that can be used to get the best summer picture quality on a bright day. So, I am here to solve this mystery with this article on how to use a projector outside during the day. 

Let’s discuss some tricks in detail!

Can a projector work in the daylight?

The projector can be used at any time of the day along with a few adjustments. Some of them are given below:

  • Try not to mount it in the direct sunlight
  • You have to use a wider screen during the daytime
  • You need to close all the windows and doors
  • Try to place the projector in the basement
  • For outside, you have to use the dark display
  • Use maximum brightness
  • Make sure the use of dark curtains
  • Adjust the settings
  • Keep very short distance between screen and projector
  • Adjust your sitting near the projector screen

How can you set the outdoor projector?

The optimal image quality can be quite challenging to get from a projection system while you’re out all day. The projector cannot be optimistic to work the same outside on the bright when the lights are off inside. You cannot find a scanner capable of coping with the bright sun.

However, a few methods can be used to know about how to use a projector outside during the day.

Make sure that you have at least 3000 lumens when you intend to use a projector outside during the day. To watch a film, animated films, series, and anything you enjoy, this quality of illumination is necessary.

Furthermore, it will be beneficial to provide shadows, secure the display, and position the projector in a sheltered area of the garden.

Some Tricks of Projector Set-Up

  • Use luminous projectors
  • Use a grey display
  • Use a display with high reflectivity
  • The diminished size of the projection
  • Turn the eco phase off

All these factors endorse a great outdoor theatrical experience. Thus, it is not advisable to have your projector in gloomy weather.

Also, you can learn about the best projector under 150, with the help of this article.

The Gray Screen

Bad image resolution can lead to stubborn pictures, especially when the projector has been used externally. You have to use a grey projector to create a black appearance even darker.

Since there is no dark brightness, the color of the display defines how black is seen, and the color is excluded instead. That is why they don’t endeavor black to represent the dark. Using a grey projection screen, the dynamic range is increased overall.

160-Degree Viewing Angle

You must ensure you spend into a display with a 160° angle of view. So, if you want to see a display or schedule to watch the matches, a TV program or a film with others, you must have a great quality projector.

This technical form will help audiences to watch films as they were in the center and the sides of the display.

Purchasing the Right Projector Screen

People cannot recognize the worth of a decent display. When you arrange an exterior theatre, the most usual approach is to figure your projector towards a back wall. This works well, but obtaining a high-quality projector greatly enhances the luminosity and picture quality.

High-end projection panels use a more synthetic material which increases your image’s illumination. In addition, this specific content will generate a clearer picture.

A good display for the projector can provide a much better experience than a bare wall. You also can see the best projector for ambient light through this link. 

Choose the Right Location

The next stage is to pick the correct place after finding the right projector and projector display. If you don’t place your projector and display smartly, you will face issues in visualizing. Set up is the most crucial factor even with a projector that can produce 5500 brightness and an excellent display.

You would like to stay out of the sun as much as you can. Light from the sun is your exterior theatre’s greatest enemy. Get through your garden or veranda and locate the shelter of the place. This is the ideal place to build your exterior playground.

You can also arrange your projection screen only very few feet within the garage if you have a storage unit. So, there will be less reflected light on the display.

Picking the Right Time for Movie

If you have the privilege to decide when you can use the exterior cinema at which time of the day, situations will be simpler. Early in the evening is the ideal time for using your screen throughout the day. It’s warmer and greyer, which is precisely whatever you want.

The second greatest time to use your patio projector will be early morning. When the day is bright, it will affect your visual experience. But if you begin early, you will have plenty of time.

Use the Large Screen during Day Time

You must use the bigger screen because it helps quickly to adapt your attention and placement. If you have a wider display space, you can alter the luminous projection place consistently.


When it is hard to determine a full house theatre, it is crucial to spend on a reasonably powerful projector. It will help to confirm pictures of excellent quality.

This article is all about the multiple techniques of how to use a projector outside during the day. You can easily follow any of those tricks that are mentioned above. Following those techniques, you can enjoy the picture on a sunny day with your friends.

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How can I make my projector look better during the day?

You can make your projector look better during the day after adjusting the focus of the projector. Also, you have to check the lens of the projector for dust, check the position of the screen and sharpness.

Does it need to be dark to use a projector?

When it relates to the contrast of the projector then it requires the darkness to make the picture bolder and clearer. Mostly the basements are the best options for the projectors to prevent ambient light.

How dark does it have to be to use a projector outside?

You need a projection screen that has a lot of glowing lumens. It helps in dealing particularly with the ambient light when the day is bright. Therefore, 5500 lumens are the minimum lumens required for the vibrant day.

Which projector is good for daylight?

When you talk about a good projector for daylight then I will suggest you ViewSonic 3800 Lumens Projector to use. This is because the projector has the maximum brightness and resolution.

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