How to Make a Projector with a Flashlight

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To watch cartoon strips in big size is amazing but, if you are lagging a projector then what to do? Without getting worried you can make a projector at home using some inexpensive things.

Do you know how to make a projector with a flashlight?

Today, I am going to provide you with amazing knowledge regarding this crafting task. Instead of paying for a classic projector for kids, you can easily make this set up yourself. With a little effort, you can prepare a flashlight projector at home.

Let’s check out the procedure!

What do you need for this crafting?

Before starting the construction of the flashlight projector, you need some objects. These objects are easy to afford and also convenient to adjust while making a projector. Below, I am going to enlist those objects for your convenience.

  • You need Styrofoam to make the box of the projector.
  • A scissor to cut the Styrofoam
  • A glue to adjust the pieces of the Styrofoam and other objects
  • A flashlight for appropriate brightness
  • Transparent sheets
  • A magnifying glass to magnify the images

How to Make a Flashlight Projector

As the objects necessary for making are not so expensive similarly, the procedure to prepare this projector is easy.

After gathering Styrofoam, transparent sheets, a magnifying glass, scissors, and glue, now you need to set these objects, step by step.

Let’s move toward the step-by-step construction of the flashlight projector.

  • In the first step, you will cut the Styrofoam into three square pieces of the same size. These squares will be helpful to make the box of the projector. For clean cutting, you can use scissors and a cutter. In this manner, the edges will be smooth and sharp.
  • In the next step, you will make a circle equal to the size of the magnifying glass. This circle will be on the square that you are going to adjust on the front of the projector.
  • In the crafting, you have to cut a U-shaped on the foam to adjust the flashlight in the box. All the cuttings are necessary to be accurate. As a result of which, the adjustment of the objects and the preparation of the projector will be convenient.
  • When you have finished the cutting then, the next step is to set the apparatus one by one with the support of glue.
  • While pasting, first paste the magnifying glass on the square piece of Styrofoam. After this, set the three pieces of Styrofoam squares to give them the shape of a projector.
  • The transparent sheets will be used to make strips of the cartoons and different shapes. You will adjust these strips in the center of the flashlight and the magnifying glass.
  • The piece that you are going to adjust below is the place where you have to adjust the flashlight. Due to the appropriate setting of the flashlight in the projector, the image will be bright and clear.
  • Now the projector is ready to use. You can easily provide a homemade gadget to your kids for teaching them different things. Also, this projector can provide them with fun.

Benefits of Flashlight Projector

Of course, there are several benefits to making these projectors. You can easily make these lightweight and portable gadgets at home. You don’t need to spend your hard-earned money on any sort of expensive material.

All the materials necessary for making a flashlight projector are almost available at everybody’s home. If you don’t have Styrofoam at your home then you can easily buy it from the shop. It is inexpensive and easy to handle while making crafts.

On the other side, you can make strips of the objects and shapes that you want to teach your kids. Along with the fun, this gadget can also develop the interest of your kids in studies.

Deficiencies of Flashlight Projector

As this gadget is not a well-equipped machine, there would be some deficiencies also. The big deficient feature of this projector is that you can watch pictures by using it. You cannot play videos on this projector. Also, it cannot produce sound.

It cannot be used for playing games due to its simple crafting. There is no use of advanced objects in its manufacturing, therefore, these projectors cannot work as a regular projector.

That’s why everyone doesn’t prefer these flashlight projectors


So, I hope you have got the information about how to make a projector with a flashlight. The procedure I have mentioned above to make an inexpensive projector is the easiest way along with affordable accessories. Of course, it cannot compete with the regular projector due to its uncomplicated making.

If this article proves to be fruitful to you then please mention your feedback below. Thank you!

FAQ’s How to Make a Projector with a Flashlight

How do you make a simple projector?

Without using any rocket science, a simple projector is easy to make with the assistance of a magnifying glass, a box of hardboard, and a torch.

How do you make a homemade mirror projector?

If you are using a mirror to make a homemade projector then, adjust the mirror opposite the lens of the projector. It will provide you with the appropriate image.

How to make a flashlight projector on an iPhone?

You can enjoy the effect of a projector by using your iPhone. You just have to tap the flashlight of the iPhone from the bottom left and then throw the LED light on the object that you want to magnify.

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