2160p vs 4k

2160p vs 4k: Why is it Called 4K Instead of 2160p

Almost there is no difference in these resolutions then why are these not interchangeable terms? This question pops up in the brain of many viewers and they want to know the basic difference between 2160p vs 4K.

So in this article, I am going to enlist answers to your questions. After that, it would be easy to differentiate between both resolutions.

4K is a standard resolution term according to the DCI. There is a difference in horizontal pixels of 2160 and 4K resolutions that cannot be neglected.

2160p vs 4k: Why is it Called 4K Instead of 2160p?

Let’s dive in to read out the details, similarities, and differences between the 2160p vs. 4K.

What is a 4K Projector?

There are many projectors of different resolutions but 4K projectors are counted as the best for their smooth performance on the big screen. This 4096 x 2160 resolution is much better than all other HD resolutions and provides you with reliable and smooth results.

If you want to watch movies and play games on the big screen with exclusive resolution then, the 4K projector is a perfect choice. These projectors are not only remarkable for their performance but also affordable for enthusiasts.

You may be thinking about the standard resolution that is 1080p. So, let me tell you, this 4K resolution is four thousand times bigger than the standard resolution. That’s why; you can watch HD, FHD, and many more categories of resolutions on these projectors.

What are 2160p projectors?

Many people interchange the terms of 2160p and 4K projectors. But the truth is that there are many similarities in both projectors but there is a difference in horizontal pixels.

These 2160p projectors are best for playing HD videos and games on the screen and are bigger than the standard resolution as well.

Undoubtedly, this resolution can provide pictures like you are watching the real world in front of you. With the vertical and horizontal pixels of 3840 x 2160, the results will be incredible and smooth on the screen.

2160p vs 4k

Is 2160p 4K?

There is always confusion that 2160p and 4K are alike. But of course, there would be something different in both resolutions that’s why they are termed differently.

So, the basic difference in both resolutions is that the pixels of the horizontal screen of 4K are more than the pixels of 2160p.

Hence, it is proved that 2160p and 4K are not at all similar regarding the horizontal pixels. But yes, their vertical pixels are similar.

UHD vs. 2160p

Another query is here. Ultra High Definition resolution and 2160p are different, similar to 4K resolution. You can call 4K resolution as UHD by the definition of DCI and these are termed as similar as well.

But there is a difference in the pixels of UHD 4K and 2160p concerning the parallel pixels on the screen.

Is 2160p and 4K the same? 2160p vs 4k

These are similar concerns to the perpendicular pixels but when it comes to parallel pixels then there is a difference. Both resolutions are larger than the standard resolution of 1080p and have perpendicular pixels of 2160 pixels.

Is 4K UHD better than 4K 2160p?

With a difference of some hundreds of pixels, 4 K UHD resolutions are better than the 4K 2160p. It can provide you with more superior results with its enhanced parallel pixels.

Why do we call it 4K and not 2160p?

I agree that there is not a huge difference in both the terms but due to the similar vertical pixels, both terms are interchanged. Due to the difference of 3840 x 2160 pixels in 2160p and 4096 x 2160 pixels in 4K, we cannot call them the same.

Is 4K higher than 2160?

Yes, 4K is minutely higher than 2160p concerning the parallel pixels on the screen. Otherwise, 4K is four thousand times bigger than the standard resolution of 1080p. Perpendicularly, there is no difference in 4K and 2160p but it is true 4K is a bit higher than 2160 p regarding the parallel pixels.


After reading this whole article, I hope you have attained so much information about both resolutions. It is not easy to find out the difference between 2160p vs 4K for a novice consumer. But I hope now it would be easy to adjust the resolution according to the situation.

In comparison to the 2160p, the 4K resolution and 4K projectors are preferable for enhanced pixels horizontally. But their vertical pixels are alike.

If you have gained your desired information from the content then please mention your feedback below. Thank you!

FAQ’s 2160p vs. 4k

Is 2160p 4K better than 1080p?

There is a huge difference in pixels between the 4K resolution and 1080p. 4K is the UHD resolution level while 1080p is counted as the HD resolution level. In this manner, 4K comprises more pixels and is better than 1080p.

Is 2160p resolution good?

Yes, it is a good choice but it also depends on the selection of your hardware. This resolution is nowadays common in TVs and Monitor screens as 3840 × 2160. There would be no distortion of the pictures on the screen with the 2160p.

Is 4K worth it on a 32 inch TV?

Due to the price gap, a 32 inches TV is not good for 4K resolution. You can watch better images on a 55-inches widescreen with appropriate clarity. So, there would be a 32 inches TV for 4K.

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